Energy research

Solar power despite solar eclipse

Generating electricity from photovoltaics is an important part of the energy transition. To make sure that this power is reliably fed into the grid, researchers also study more unusual events, such as solar eclipses.

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Survey: Germans plan to change the way they heat

According to a survey by forsa, many German citizens want to make changes to the way they heat or to switch their heating system. Here the most important results at a glance.

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Renewable energy

Core principles for National Biomass Strategy presented

Biomass is in demand, but its availability is limited. To make it sustainable, clear rules are needed. The National Biomass Strategy provides key guidelines.

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How do smart heating thermostats actually work?

Smart heating thermostats don't cost much and are easy to install. Never heard of them? Energy savings experts explain how to get started.

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State Secretary Dr Patrick Graichen

Quote of the week

„We must finally break our dependence on oil and gas and leave them behind. We will only be successful if we accelerate the expansion of renewable energy, improve our energy efficiency, electrify more and more, and pursue an ambitious heat and transport transition."

State Secretary Dr Patrick Graichen, talking about the path towards a climate-neutral energy system.

What the press say

This month in „What the press say”: How green electricity can be better integrated into the grid using large-scale storage, how children can better understand the energy crisis, and why heat pumps are inverted refrigerators.

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