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Electricity market

What exactly are grid fees?

Does electricity need a ticket to travel from the place it is being generated to the consumer? This statement, although it may sound odd, is not that far-fetched from reality. In the following section, we will explain to you why.

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Power, heat, transport: do we need to levy a carbon charge across all sectors if we want the energy transition to succeed?

Read the answers provided by Börn Klusmann, Managing Director of Forum Ökologisch-Soziale Marktwirtschaft (FÖS), a think tank for a green social market economy, and by Matthias Hartung, CEO of the German Lignite Industry Association (DEBRIV).

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The Kazakh energy transition: German expertise for the green economy

Germany and Kazakhstan want to engage in greater cooperation on the energy transition. What exactly this cooperation might look like was the subject of the German Energy Dialogue, which was held at EXPO 2017 in the country’s capital Astana.

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Dr Andreas Sichert, CEO and co-founder of Orcan Energy AG

Quote of the week

“Turning industrial waste heat into electricity is an important step towards greater energy efficiency. Electrical energy is more useful than heat energy, as it can be used universally – including for the generator’s own operational processes, which helps them lower their electricity bill.”

Dr Andreas Sichert, CEO and co-founder of Orcan Energy AG

What the press say

Today in our press review: a giant battery in a salt dome and lower grid costs for offshore wind power.

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direct reports

  • Germany and France want to cooperate on renewables

    Germany and France are planning to engage in closer cooperation on energy. This was agreed at the Franco-German Ministerial Council. Specific projects for cooperation include the European Clean Energy Package, integrating renewables in distributed grids, and joint renewables auctions (further information in German only).

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