What the press say

Today in our press review: a giant battery in a salt dome and lower grid costs for offshore wind power.

Stack of newspapers.© fotolia/Knipserin

computerbild.de, 24 July 2017: “Utility EWE: Green energy from a salt dome”
The Oldenburg utility EWE will soon be using sodium-chloride and plastic to generate green energy. The group is using two of their salt domes in Jemgum, East Frisia, to build what will be a true mega battery. Computerbild explains how this is supposed to work (further information in German only).

welt.de, 17 July 2017: “Electricity from offshore installations will be cheaper to feed into the grid”
Electricity from offshore wind power will soon be cheaper not only to produce, but also to transport. Transmission network operator Tennet has announced that the new converter station off the North Sea coast in Lower Saxony will be 15% cheaper to build than previous projects. For more information, please go to the newspaper’s website (further information in German only).