Building confidence from A to G

The energy efficiency of a certain appliance is an important factor when deciding on which product to buy. Additional laboratory tests are improving the transparency of the EU Label – and are also improving consumer confidence.

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What exactly is meant by 'gross electricity consumption'?

‘Gross’ and ‘net’ are terms that many are familiar with when it comes to money. But what is meant by these terms in the context of the energy transition?

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Stay warm during the winter – thanks to a secure supply of natural gas

The German gas market is shipshape for the cold season. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy wants to make sure it stays that way and is therefore introducing new measures.

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Digital energy transition

Why not get a butler?

‘Wibutler’, a project under the EXIST research transfer programme shows that the digitisation of the energy transition is making headway. This little miracle gadget is able to communicate with hundreds of devices in the smart home.

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Jochen Homann, Präsident der Bundesnetzagentur

Quote of the week

"What has become clear during the third round of auctions for ground-mounted PV installations is that competition reduces the price of the bids that are successful. It is also good to see that, for the first time, bids from cooperatives and individuals have also been successful."

Jochen Homann, President of the Federal Network Agency

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  • Better terms on guarantees for energy-efficiency projects

    Saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions: the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy will make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to develop business models that allow them to turn a profit on energy-efficiency projects.

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