Energy Transition

Entering a new era

"The energy transition is part of the modernisation of our economy, and our energy system is entering a completely new era." Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel on the role of the energy transition for the economic world of tomorrow.

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Electricity – a leading export

Germany is exporting more and more electricity to its neighbouring countries. Cross-border trade in electricity contributes to security of supply and results in lower costs.

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What is the 'rebound effect'?

It’s on special offer? A good reason to buy more of it. But do we really save money when we buy more? This is an interesting question - also regarding energy efficiency. What is the 'rebound effect'?

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Katherina Reiche, Hauptgeschäftsführerin beim Verband kommunaler Unternehmen (VKU)

Quote of the week

"The heating market is crucial for the energy transition, and public utilities and CHP plants play an outstanding role in this context."

Katherina Reiche, CEO, German Association of Local Utilities (VKU)

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