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Energy Transition

Has 2015 been a good year for Germany’s energy reforms?

State Secretary Baake said in the interview: “Renewables are now our number-one source of electricity. But this also means that time is over for funding for the underlying technologies.” Furthermore, State Secretary Baake highlighted the most important measures that have been taken this year, and revealed what will happen next.

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Computer & co. in power-saving mode

Information and communication technologies (ICT) in Germany are using less and less energy. In 2015, they needed 15 per cent less than in 2010. Consumption is set to fall even further up to 2020.

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What does ‘primary energy’ actually mean?

When talking about the energy transition, hardly any term is used more than that of ‘primary energy’. But what does this term actually mean?

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Sigmar Gabriel, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy

Quote of the week

“The Paris climate agreement marks a victory for international diplomacy, which has prevailed over narrow national interests. This has become possible thanks to the dedicated work of many men and women: activists, scientists, and policy-makers from all five continents, who have been fighting for rigorous action to be taken to prevent disastrous climate change, who have been doing this for many decades and against a great deal of resistance.”

Sigmar Gabriel, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy

Next edition out on 22 January 2016

The next edition of the Energiewende direkt newsletter will be published after the Christmas break on 22 January 2016. We would like to wish all subscribers a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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  • Climate conservationists make history

    The World Climate Summit in Paris agreed the first ever climate agreement that involves every country around the world. Federal Minister for the Environment Barbara Hendricks said: “We have come together to make history.”

  • ‘4th Energy Transition Monitoring Report’ is now available in English

    Renewables are now our number-one source of electricity, and power consumption is down, but we need to continue to improve on energy performance. The Fourth Monitoring Report shows where we are in our energy transition, highlighting areas where we have made headway – and the ones where we need to do more.

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