Climate control

Transforming the energy supply – protecting the climate

As delegates meet for the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, mitigation of climate change is again at the very top of the agenda. Energy policy will be key to finding a solution.

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Security of supply

Less fossil fuel, more independence

Germany is becoming less dependent on oil and gas imports. At the same time, overall demand for energy is decreasing – not least because Germany is making better use of energy.

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What is an ‘efficiency house’?

If you’re interested in building or buying a house, chances are you will have come across the term ‘efficiency house’. But what exactly are they? And how can ‘efficiency houses’ help private households save energy and cash?

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Matthias Brandt, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Deutschen Windtechnik AG

Quote of the week

“The growth in the renewables sector, especially as a result of the energy transition, offers many opportunities for us. We seize the best of them.”

Matthias Brandt, Director Deutsche Windtechnik AG

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