Super solar cells: top performance through stacking

What exactly is concentrator photovoltaics? In an explainer video, solar researcher in Heilbronn Dr Victor Khorenko looks at why solar cells can now deliver top performance through stacking and at where they can be used most effectively.

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Concentrating sunlight onto highly efficient solar cells

Not all photovoltaics are the same. Alongside normal solar modules, there are also other solar technologies. One of these uses lenses that focus and concentrate sunlight onto powerful solar cell stacks. This technology is being further developed in various research projects. Even the rainbow has a part to play.

Curious? An explainer video featuring Dr Victor Khorenko can be found here.

Dr Victor Khorenko heads the solar research projects at an international company. He demonstrates the technology for us using a small model.

More information on funding opportunities, applied energy research and the funding of research and development in photovoltaics provided by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action can be found at (in German only).