The heat transition

District heating to ensure climate-neutral heat supply

Heating networks are considered key to the success of the heating transition and reaching climate targets. At the district heating summit in Berlin yesterday, a broad alliance argued in favour of a reliable framework and greater speed when it comes to restructuring and expansion.

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Significantly more approvals for onshore wind energy

Wind projects must be approved and built faster if Germany is to achieve its targets for the expansion of renewable energy. In the first quarter of 2023, the expansion and above all the number of approvals for new wind turbines increased significantly on the previous year.

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The energy transition in industry

Hydrogen takes centre stage

Hydrogen is increasingly becoming the focus of attention as a versatile source of energy for the future. The colourless gas has long since become the shining beacon of hope for the energy transition, about which there is currently much to report.

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Federal Minister Robert Habeck on wind turbines in forests

Wind turbines in forests? How a wind farm in southern Westphalia is reconciling apparent contradictions and combining climate action, afforestation and species protection. Federal Minister Robert Habeck explains in a video.

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Regional energy transition

Regional conference gives momentum to renewables

Good prospects at the Gasometer in Berlin: Federal Minister Robert Habeck spoke with regional representatives today under the listed structure that has become a symbol for the energy transition about the new statutory possibilities that now exist for expansion of renewables.

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Bundeswirtschaftsminister Robert Habeck zum Start der Agentur für kommunalen Klimaschutz

Quote of the week

“Onshore wind energy is key to our energy supply. This is why its acceleration has taken priority since the beginning of this legislative term.”

Federal Minister Robert Habeck at the second wind summit in 2023

What the press say

This month in “What the press say”: How things stand with regard to gas reservoir filling levels, how wind thermal plants help avoid wind power being curtailed, and how balcony power plants could be installed in the future without landlord approval according to the Federal Government’s plans.

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