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Energy-efficient homes: 10 million tonnes of greenhouse gases avoided in 2018

In 2018, some ten million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions were successfully prevented thanks to energy-efficient housing constructed and/or modernised over the past 13 years, with co-funding from the Ministry. The funding provided via KfW also pays off financially.

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The European electricity market is going green

Part two of the legislative package ‘Clean Energy for all Europeans’ is preparing the internal market in electricity for a growing share of renewables. This means more competition and flexible electricity rates for consumers.

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What is a hybrid line?

Two birds with one stone, or rather two types of electricity delivered using the same pylons. Hybrid lines are making this possible. This is how these superlines work and where they will first be used in Germany.

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Peter Altmaier

Quote of the week

"The large-scale electricity highways will be the lifeblood of the energy transition. To make this happen, we need everyone to support us – the federation, the Länder and the municipalities. And, crucially, our citizens living close by."

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier, on his latest grid-expansion trip to Hesse.

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