Wind power

'Citizens' energy' wins auctions for on-shore wind installations

The citizens' energy undertakings have had the most success in the first round of auctions for on-shore wind energy. They accounted for two thirds of all bids submitted and for a staggering 93 per cent of all successful bids. The lowest price achieved was 5.25 cents per kilowatt hour.

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What exactly is meant by 'efficiency'?

How much of the energy fed into an installation is converted into energy that can be used? It all depends on the installation's efficiency. You'll find more information here.

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Dazzling result for photovoltaics

Work to expand ground-mounted PV capacity is going to plan: Almost all projects approved in 2015 are now operational.

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Investment in renewable energy remains high

In 2016, more than €14 billion was invested in the expansion of renewables. This is good for the energy transition – and for our economy, which benefits from the investments.

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IdeenExpo: experiencing the energy transition at the ‘Ideas show’

The IdeenExpo show is making the National Top Runner Initiative and the Public Dialogue on the Grid even more tangible for its young audience – with workshops and exhibits to touch and try out.

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State Secretary Matthias Machnig

Quote of the week

"Whichever location is best at using energy resources efficiently and sustainably will also be the most competitive over the years to come. We are therefore well-advised to manufacture using highly resource-efficient, energy-efficient, and sustainable production methods as, provided that we create establish the right framework, this can give a location a competitive edge."

State Secretary Matthias Machnig

direct reports

  • PV battery-storage programme: high level of demand continues in 2017

    The KfW PV battery-storage programme is in high demand. In the first quarter of this year, the promotional bank issued more than 1,900 approvals for repayment grants for loan applications. The programme, which was launched in March last year, provides support for battery-storage systems installed in conjunction with a PV installation.

  • Managing bottlenecks: new rules at the German-Austrian border

    From October 2018, electricity trading between Germany and Austria will take account of actual grid capacity. As of this then, Austrian traders will no longer be able to purchase more electricity from Germany than can actually be transported. This will prevent bottlenecks in the grid and will eliminate the hundreds of million of euros in associated costs.

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