Visionary ideas for digitising energy supply

Will we soon be exchanging electricity with our neighbours by using an app? Germany has pinpointed five model regions that seek to take the energy transition into a new era. The SINTEG kick-off conference brought together participants to discuss new ideas for tomorrow’s energy supply.

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Energy consumption lowered thanks to greater efficiency

The new brochure Energieeffizienz in Zahlen shows that our energy consumption would be 63% higher had it grown at the same speed as our economy. Thankfully, however, we have broken this link and started to use energy more efficiently.

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'Referees' operating in the field of renewables

The EEG clearing house is there to resolve legal issues arising around the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and to help resolve disputes. The institution, which was set up 10 years ago, has been successful in reducing the burden on the judiciary and industry.

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Science journalist Jean Pütz at the Berlin Energy Days

Quote of the week

"Ten years ago I built an energy-plus house, and I did it without any subsidies. Nowadays, what with all the funding available, noone can seriously say it's not possible. They're making excuses!"

Science journalist Jean Pütz at the Berlin Energy Days

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