German G20 presidency: spotlight on energy systems

For one year, Germany will head up the central forum of the 20 leading industrial and emerging economies on financial and economic issues. The Federal Government especially wants to use this time to further advance the transformation of global energy systems.

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Security of supply

Germany's electricity supply is outstandingly secure

Germany is one of the top performers internationally when it comes to its electricity supply. The average time for which an end consumer has to go without power is around just 12 minutes.

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Digital energy transition

What exactly is demand-side management?

Can companies adjust to the wind and sun? Yes, for example by ramping up production when the wind is blowing and by slowing it down when the wind dies away. For more information about how companies save energy costs and open up new revenue sources by using demand-side management, please read on.

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Factory of the future will stabilise the electricity grid

Researchers in Darmstadt are testing the ways in which industrial enterprises can react to grid fluctuations in the future as the share of renewable energy continues to increase. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is promoting the ‘Phi Factory’ research project.

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Wanted: energetic start-ups

The Start-up Energy Transition Award will be awarded to start-ups that offer solutions for the energy transition. At the beginning of February, start-ups can also present their solutions at the E-World exhibition in Essen.

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Jochen Homann, Präsident der Bundesnetzagentur

Quote of the week

"Accelerating the pace of the energy transition and expanding its scope beyond the power sector will not only reduce carbon emissions, it will improve lives, create jobs, and ensure a cleaner and more prosperous future."

Adnan Z. Amin, Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

direct reports

  • Germany and UAE agree on cooperation in the field of energy policy

    Germany and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) want to work together on energy policy. State Secretary Rainer Baake (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) and the UAE’s energy minister Al Mazrouei signed a memorandum of understanding on this in Abu Dhabi.

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