Energy: a great export

Finding new markets: with their energy expertise, companies from Germany have the best sales prospects all around the world. To help them, the “Energy Export Initiative” was launched at the IFAT trade fair in Munich at the end of May.

Logo Energy Export Initiative© BMWi / Renewable Energy Export Initiative

All around the world, countries have set themselves ambitious targets to mitigate climate change and use less energy. On top of this, the first global climate agreement in history was concluded in Paris at the end of last year. It aims to keep global warming below two degrees this century.

So there is a global need for state-of-the-art energy technologies. German “Mittelstand” companies are developing some of the very best solutions. There is thus every reason to help small and medium-sized enterprises from Germany as they reach out to the world’s markets.

“Energy solutions – Made in Germany”

And this is precisely what the “Energy Export Initiative” does. It supports German firms as they develop markets around the world and build up exports of energy transition technologies. The main goal is to help the companies form targeted business relationships. The work of Energy Export Initiative is backed by partners all round the world, and particularly by Germany’s bilateral chambers of commerce.

The services of the Initiative are mainly intended for companies offering technical solutions in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, storage technology and smart grids. As a result, the expertise of small and medium-sized German firms can strengthen Germany as a centre of technology whilst also helping to mitigate climate change around the world.

Two initiatives in one

Germany has long enjoyed an international reputation as a pioneer in the field of high-tech energy. This is particularly true of renewable energy and energy efficiency. For this reason, Germany set up the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Export Initiatives a few years ago. These have now been merged as the Energy Export Initiative entitled “Energy solutions – Made in Germany”.

The new, joint platform aims to broaden the technological approach: the new initiative takes a wider view and focuses less on individual technologies and more on entire energy systems.

Premiere at the IFAT trade fair

Anyone wishing to see the new Energy Export Initiative for themselves can do so from 30 May to 3 June 2016, when the Initiative is introducing itself to the world with a stand of its own at IFAT, the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies in Munich.