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Electric Mobility

Europe in a buzz

No matter whether you're in Italy or Finland, Portugal or Estonia, you will find that electric mobility is a growing trend across Europe, with more than 35,000 electric vehicles registered for the first time in the first quarter of this year. This represents an increase of almost 27 per cent year-on-year.

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Teaming up with others to save energy

Industrial companies are teaming up to make better use of energy. Setting up energy efficiency networks will make it easier for companies to meet the targets set by the Federal Government. Almost 60 networks have been created so far. By 2020, their number is to reach 500.

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Heat Transition

What exactly is geothermal energy?

No matter the temperature outside, it's always hot down below our feet. About 99 per cent of the material that makes up the earth's mass has a temperature of above 1,000 degrees Celsius. It can be used as an inexhaustible source of heat – one that opens up major opportunities for the energy transition.

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Getting the grid in shape

A fitness test for electricity grids: new measurement system for grids can provide precision information on the state of the grid and evaluate huge quantities of data in no time at all. In doing so, it can help make the power grid fit for the energy transition.

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