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France has approved a rapid turnaround on energy policy and has presented ambitious targets for an energy transition made in France. See also: an innovative project on solar air conditioning for buildings.

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sunwindenergy.com, 23 July 2015: providing air conditioning for buildings using steam and solar energy
A project to provide solar-powered air conditioning for buildings, which was launched at the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe, has received the Intersolar Award. According to the jury, the solar thermal system impressively demonstrated that it was possible to provide effective, economical and environmentally friendly air conditioning using solar energy, even with sun levels in Germany.

Reuters, 22 July 2015: France to radically transform its energy supply
As the host country of the UN climate conference that will be held in December, France wants to lead by example. The National Assembly in Paris has agreed upon a rapid change in course towards greater use of renewables and less CO2. Even the country’s nuclear power sector, which has thus far dominated, will not be spared.

E-world, 21 Mai 2015: new Energy App Award
In February 2016, the E-World trade fair in the city of Essen will award a prize for the "Energy App of the year" for the first time. The prize will be awarded for digital solutions that are especially customer-friendly. Smart Energy – from smart grids and smart metering to smart home technology and energy storage systems – is a strong trend right now.