Electricity market

White Paper: electricity supply remains secure and affordable

The decision is clear: the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has decided to transform the electricity market into an electricity market 2.0, and has rejected a capacity market. The recently published White Paper explains and details this decision.

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Solar energy

Germany leads the way in solar energy

Germany has the world’s largest installed photovoltaic capacity. This is a finding by the "Renewable Energy Statistics 2015" of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

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What is a "virtual power station"?

The energy transition is bringing a wave of new jargon into the public realm. This section provides some background on the most important ones, with this week’s edition focusing on "virtual power stations". Unlike conventional power stations, virtual power stations consist of several generating installations, load or storage facilities that aggregate electricity and feed it into the grid in a controlled fashion. Virtual power stations therefore play an important role in making the energy transition a success.

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How might a smart energy supply of the future be organised?

The competition for funding under the "Smart Energy Showcases - Digital Agenda for the Energy Transition" programme (SINTEG) has really struck a chord. There has been a large number of submissions from seven big consortia representing around 200 companies from all over Germany.

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What the press says

A new study by the German Energy Agency has revealed that there is still a lot more potential for saving energy in commercial buildings used for retail. See also: New methods developed for storing excess energy.

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