Renewable energy

Renewable energy on the rise around the world: a contribution to climate mitigation

Wind power and hydropower, photovoltaics and biomass – the whole world is investing in renewables right now. The latest figures confirm this trend. Global installed capacity of renewable electricity soared in 2014. However, great strides will still have to be made in the coming years to meet the international climate mitigation targets.

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Wind power

Global capacity has risen sevenfold within ten years

In 2014, global renewables-based installed capacity increased to a total of 1,712 gigawatts (GW). Wind power registered a particularly rapid rise by a record amount of 51 GW.

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Wind-power installations with a gearbox or without: two different systems that are dividing opinion

For a number of years now, two fundamentally different methods of constructing wind-power installations have stood side by side: wind-power installations with an integrated gearbox, and wind-power installations without. What are the technical advantages of each system? Which technology is more forward-looking? Professor Friedrich Klinger (University of Applied Sciences of the Saarland) and Professor Georg Jacobs (University of Applied Sciences of Aachen) have differing opinions on the matter.

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Photovoltaic installations: a high-quality product with a low risk of fire

A research report on photovoltaic installations funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has found that the fire risk is low and can be reduced even further by taking a few simple precautions. The report sets out practical tips on how to plan, install, and operate photovoltaic installations safely in order to keep the chances of fire to a minimum.

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What the press says

According to a recent survey conducted among public utilities, the energy transition can only succeed if the public are truly on board.

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Maros Sefcovic, Vice President of the Europaen Commission

Quote of the week

"By working together, the countries of Europe can tackle today’s energy and climate challenges more quickly, more effectively, and at a lower cost. This is what the European Energy Union is all about."

Maros Sefcovic, Vice-President of the European Commission

direct reports

  • Economic Affairs Ministry publishes study on gas supply security (in German only)

    Basically, the gas storage facilities in Germany are large enough to guarantee security of supply even in cold winters and in the event of supply disruptions. For this purpose, the storage facilities must be sufficiently full. These are the findings of the recent study entitled "Possibilities for improving gas security and crisis prevention via regulation of storage".

  • South Africa International Renewable Energy Conference (SAIREC)

    The South Africa International Renewable Energy Conference (SAIREC) will take place in Cape Town on 4-7 October. South Africa's Energy Minister has invited energy ministers and decision-makers from industry, business associations, financial institutions and civil society to the conference to discuss their expectations, possible solutions and proposals to accelerate the global energy transition.

  • Studies show: energy transition creates additional jobs

    According to three separate studies commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, restructuring the energy supply generates stimuli for growth and employment. Although they differ in terms of methodology, all three studies draw the conclusion that the energy transition has a positive impact on employment.

  • Renewable energy projects in Latin America and the Caribbean (in German only)

    The Renewable Energy Export Initiative will host an expert meeting in the Economic Affairs Ministry on 14 July. The event focuses on reliable and tailor-made financing of renewable energy projects in emerging economies and developing countries, specifically in Latin America and the Caribbean. Representatives from banks and foreign institutions will provide detailed information.

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