Climate control

Climate Action Programme 2023: course set for climate neutrality by 2045

The comprehensive Climate Action Programme targeting all economic sectors that was adopted by the Federal Cabinet in early October brings Germany a good deal closer to meeting its climate targets.

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Heat pumps: Germany needs to catch up on other European countries

Germany is doing a lot for the energy transition in buildings and for an increased use of heat pumps for climate-friendly heating. Sales figures have been rising significantly since 2020, but Germany is still lagging behind many other European countries.

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Energy Transition in Traffic

Moving towards zero-emission flying

Mitigating climate change is an enormous technological challenge for aviation and shipping. However, new technologies, research and innovation can help provide zero-emissions solutions for air and water travel.

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Do heat pumps actually work in cold weather?

Heat pumps can be used to provide climate-friendly heat to buildings, both old and new. What what happens when temperatures go down in winter? Will the heat pumps continue to work? Find out more about climate-friendly heating during the cold season below.

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Renewable energy

Joint Task “Improving the Regional Economic Structure” (GRW): better funding opportunities for sustainable and climate-friendly investment in structurally weak regions

Going forward, the Joint Task – the most important instrument for fostering structural and economic development in Germany’s regions – will place an even stronger focus on providing funding for investment in energy transition-related technologies such as solar installations, wind turbines and electrolysers.

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Grid expansion: West Coast Line completed, start of construction for SuedLink

With the West Coast Line having been completed in record time (in mid-September), Federal Minister Habeck now attended the kick-off of the construction work for the SuedLink project only a few kilometres away. According to the Minister, the West Coast Line and SuedLink are two very different projects:

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Renewable energy

Market-based procurement of ancillary services

The Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency) is establishing a further basis for ancillary services delivered by renewable energy installations, storage facilities and consumers. These services help to keep the electricity grid stable and secure.

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Bundeswirtschaftsminister Robert Habeck zum Start der Agentur für kommunalen Klimaschutz

Quote of the week.

“Each unit of energy is to be used as efficiently as possible in future. This makes economic sense, boosts our precautionary measures, and is good for the climate.”

Federal Minister Robert Habeck on the new Energy Efficiency Act

What the press say

This month in ‘What the press say’: Fewer hurdles for balcony-based power plants, heat pumps examined in a widescale study and innovations from the Husum Wind Fair.

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direct reports

  • Funding call: 2023 Joint Call of the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (German only)

    The key aim of the Clean Energy Transition (CET) Partnership is the joint planning and implementation of research activities and the development of technological innovations for the energy transition. To this end, funding agencies from 26 European countries and from Canada, India, Israel, Tunisia and the U.S. have joined together to issue a call for proposals for various thematic focuses. Ideas can be submitted until 22 November.

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