Photovoltaic installations now on the grid faster

Photovoltaic installations (PV) can now get on the grid as soon as their system security has been ensured. Operators then have 18 months to file all the documents required for certification.

PV-Anlagen Kabel© Adobe Stock/Butch

The last few months saw increased problems with the certification of PV installations and consequently, with their connection to the grid.

Within a transitional period that ends on 31 December 2025, power generation installations of 135 to 950 kilowatts may therefore be provisionally connected to the grid, even without operators having submitted all the necessary documentation. The accredited certification bodies can grant an installation certificate on the condition that necessary evidence of compliance with technical requirements can be submitted within a period of 18 months.

Due to the changes and adjustments made to the technical standards, there is now a good transitional solution to enable plant operators to quickly connect their photovoltaic installations to the power grid. This makes Germany even more independent of fossil fuels.