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Ten stages for a fair carbon price

A new model is to ensure a fair mechanism for splitting up the carbon price in buildings between landlords and tenants, setting an incentive for energy-efficient behaviour. The rationale behind this is quite straightforward: the lower a building’s carbon footprint is, the more both sides stand to gain.

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Renewable energy

An accelerated energy transition for greater energy security

The Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) discussed the pivotal role of the global energy transition in delivering greater energy security. The urgency of energy transformation was also highlighted by IRENA’s report, „World Energy Transitions Outlook: 1.5°C Pathway“, which was presented at the BETD.

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What exactly is the Emergency Plan for Gas?

In late March, Federal Minister Robert Habeck announced the early warning level of the Emergency Plan for Gas. As a precautionary measure, the gas supply in Germany will now be closely monitored. Find out what further measures are set out in the emergency plan and what these mean for gas customers.

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Energy research

Innovative research opens up more locations for onshore wind energy

Radio navigation facilities, weather radar stations and wind turbines can now be built in closer proximity to each other. This has been agreed in consultation between the Transport and the Economic Affairs Ministries. Findings from the „WERAN plus“ research project provided a basis for the new rules.

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Climate change

IPCC report: 1.5 degree target at risk

Released in early April, the third and final part of the IPCC’s report on the impacts of climate change focuses on the posibilities for mitigating global warming. The 1.5 degree target is considered to be at risk, but achievable.

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Dr. Robert Habeck, Bundesminister für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz

Quote of the week

“The supply situation here is stable and we are doing our utmost to make sure it will remain so. Europe will stand together in solidarity and continue to diversify its gas supply.”
Federal Minister Robert Habeck on 27 April 2022, commenting on Russia’s decision to cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria

What the press say

This time in „What the press say“: how much energy we actually need for a healthy and happy life and what energy saving tips really help.

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direct reports

  • Second energy security progress report published

    Germany is seeking to reduce its dependence on Russian energy fast and to broaden the supply base of its energy. As the second energy security progress report, which was presented by Federal Minister Robert Habeck on 1 May, shows, Germany’s dependence on Russian energy imports is already down to 12% in terms of oil, 8% in terms of coal and around 35% for gas – relative to total imports. „All of the steps we are taking are demanding a massive joint effort by all the stakeholders, and they are also generating costs, as is being felt by businesses and household consumers. But they are necessary if we are not to remain open to blackmail by Russia,” Habeck said.

  • 2022 Energy Efficiency Award: the quest for innovative ideas in the field of energy efficiency

    The German Energy Agency (dena) is on the lookout for innovative projects and ideas that can help enhance energy efficiency and lower GHG emissions. Until 27 May 2022, companies of all sizes and from all industries can apply online for any of four categories. One of these relates to the implementation of energy efficiency measures in small and medium-sized enterprises. The 2022 Energy Efficiency Award, which is endowed with a total of €30,000, will be given to the most outstanding contributions at dena’s energy transition conference. In addition, the winners and nominees will receive a label for their public relations work.

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