What the press say

This time in ‘What the press say’: How much hydrogen will be needed in the transport sector in the future, how Sweden is sending a strong message by producing green steel, and why the German grid is more reliable than ever before in spite of the energy transition.

Bild zeigt Zeitungsstapel© fotolia/Knipserin

Handelsblatt, 23 August 2021: “Duration of outages at a minimum low – never before has the German grid been more reliable”

The energy transition is making it increasingly difficult to manage the grid. However, according to Handelsblatt, the average duration of outages in 2020 fell to an all-time low.

Frankfurter Rundschau, 22 August 2021: “Green steel from Sweden”

A Swedish producer has for the first time delivered climate-friendly steel that was produced using green hydrogen. As reported by Frankfurter Rundschau, German industrial businesses are also working towards making the shift.

Erneuerbare Energien, 15 August 2021: “How much hydrogen will be needed in the transport sector”

Erneuerbare Energien looks at the requirements that will need to be met by power-to-x technologies and products to be successful in the next few years and explains the third power-to-x roadmap developed under the Kopernikus project P2X.