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This time in 'What the press say': Record figures for the energy transition – global investment in the energy transition has exceeded US$500 billion for the first time; €44 million was paid out to German citizens who opted for heating based on renewable energy in November 2020 alone, and the wind farms in the North Sea are producing more electricity than ever before ( +12.4% in 2020).

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The Handelsblatt, 19 January 2021: 'Farewell to oil-based heating: Homeowners rethinking their heating'

Citing figures from the Federal Office of Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA), the Handelsblatt reports that more and more homeowners are showing a high level of interest in renewable energy (in German only).

pv magazine, 19 January 2021: 'BNEF: Global investment in energy transition exceeds US$500 billion for the first time'

pv magazine presents a report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance that reports record global investment in renewable energy. The report cites investment levels of +9% in 2020 compared with 2019. Europe in particular has seen strong growth (in German only).

Zeit Online (dpa), 20 January 2021: “Wind farms in the North Sea producing more electricity than ever before”

In its online edition, Die Zeit looks at growth figures for offshore wind power. According to the transmission system operator Tennet, the wind power plants in the North Sea supplied more electricity last year than ever before (in German only).