What the press say

This time in 'What the press say': A off-the-radar data centre that feeds on carbon dioxide; the future prospects of the North Sea and Baltic Sea as a centre of European power generation, and dena boss Andreas Kuhlmann on the right moment to say 'stop'.

Bild zeigt Zeitungsstapel© fotolia/Knipserin

brand eins, 12 November 2020: 'A story from Europe'

The business magazine brand eins reports on Germany's first data centre that sequesters more carbon dioxide than it generates. It is located in a place well off the main IT map (in German only).

The Handelsblatt, 9 November 2020: 'How the North and Baltic Seas will become the centre of European electricity generation'

Power generation on the high seas is on the verge of a gigantic upswing, writes Handelsblatt. The EU aims to have 300 gigawatt of installed offshore wind capacity in European waters by 2050 (in German only).

The Tagesspiegel, 4 November 2020: 'When something cannot be done, you have to say stop'

Where do we stand in the fight against global warming – and where do we go from here? The head of the German Energy Agency (dena), Andreas Kuhlmann, was interviewed by the Tagesspiegel (in German only).