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This time in 'What the press say': They are enthroned on lofty balconies and bear names like Plug-and-Play-Solar or Guerilla-PV – mini power plants which allow consumers to generate their own solar electricity. Far below Berlin, researchers are busy working on the energy storage units of the future. Germany is one of the front-runners in the table of the leading producers of green energy.

Bild zeigt Zeitungsstapel© fotolia/Knipserin

Der Tagesspiegel, 10 September 2020: 'Heat from beneath Berlin'

Geologists are investigating a stratum of shell limestone 500 metres beneath Berlin to see whether it can be used to store energy and produce heat. They are focusing on two key processes for the energy transition, says Der Tagesspiegel: storing energy underground, and using geothermal heat (in German only).

tagesschau.de, 9 September 2020: 'Green electricity from the balcony'

Want to save on electricity costs whilst helping the environment? Small-scale solar power plants which help to cover the user's electricity needs make this possible, according to tagesschau.de. They can be installed on balconies, for example, without any permits being required (in German only).

Capital, 25 August 2020: 'These countries are leading on renewable energy'

Renewable forms of energy are continuing to make progress. They now account for 5% of the energy produced around the world. Capital has published a table ranking the countries currently producing the greenest energy (in German only).