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Renewable energy levels reach record high

According to figures provided by the Working Group on Energy Balances, more than 42 per cent of Germany’s electricity came from renewables in 2019.

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The future of energy put to a practical test

The first regulatory sandbox for the energy transition – SmartQuart – has been established. It focuses on testing innovative solutions that will shape the future of our energy supply. The solutions are ultimately to be rolled out to other German regions.

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What exactly is the North Seas Energy Cooperation?

Like a good network engineer, the North Seas Energy Cooperation ensures that the cables are all in the right place. In addition, it not only helps save costs but also our climate. Let's get on board for a tour of the North Sea!

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Energy policy

Providing more charging stations for electric cars

Nobody will buy an electric car if there is no infrastructure to charge it. This is why Germany is seeking to provide one million public charging stations by 2030. The government's Charging Infrastructure Master Plan explains how the goal of providing electric mobility for everyone can be reached.

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Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy

Quote of the week

'The figures are proof that the climate change mitigation policies we adopted in the last few years have been effective. CO2 emissions are falling quickly, coal-fired power is being replaced by renewables. Since 2005, our economy has grown by around 25 per cent – with CO2 emissions falling by 13 per cent over the same period. This is an important signal showing that climate change mitigation and competitiveness can go hand in hand'.

Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, on the considerable decrease in CO2 emissions registered in the last few years.

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