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In the electricity sector: Renewables use leading to big cuts in greenhouse-gas emissions

Using renewable energy plays a key role in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. In 2018, renewables use enabled greenhouse gas emissions to be cut by twice as much compared to 2010.

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How does CO2 pricing actually work?

In 2021, carbon pricing will be introduced in the transport and heat sectors. The new system is the centrepiece of the Federal Government's Climate Protection Programme. To find out the how the carbon pricing system has worked up to now, and how transport and heat are to be incorporated, please read on.

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Research on geothermal energy: using collectors under farmland

Two research projects are under way to investigate how innovative geothermal collectors can be used to harness heat from agricultural land. The scientists involved are also exploring how this heat can be used to supply the local area.

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Director General of IRENA, Mr Francesco La Camera.

Quote of the week

'Energy efficiency and renewables are the only way to mitigate climate change. So integrating renewable energy is not a choice; it’s a must.'

Director General of IRENA, Mr Francesco La Camera, speaking on the occasion of the 'Global Ministerial Conference on System Integration of Renewables', held in Berlin at the beginning of October.

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