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Reliable electricity supply

Germany’s electricity supply is particularly reliable, as a comparison with its European neighbours clearly shows. In 2016, German final electricity users experienced an average of no more than twelve minutes and eight seconds of interruption to their electricity supply. This puts Germany among the very best in Europe.

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Coal exit

Let’s be good neighbours

Germany wants to engage in dialogue with its neighbours and closely coordinate its efforts to phase out of coal-fired power. The 'electricity neighbours' convened in Berlin to discuss the recommendations presented by the German Commission on Coal.

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What exactly is a smart grid?

Smart grids are considered a key requirement for the transition to renewables. But what exactly is a smart grid? What does it do? And what do smart grids and modern teaching methods have in common? You’ll find answers here.

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Minister Altmaier speaking at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) 2019

Quote of the week

"Economic growth and our energy supply need to be sustainable to be ensured in the long term. Our citizens dream of happiness, of leading lives marked both by prosperity and respect for our planet’s resources, and we are convinced that we must not destroy their dream."

Minister Altmaier at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD), speaking about the importance of the global energy transition.

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