Climate control

How far have we come in making our buildings more energy efficient?

The Federal Government has set itself ambitious goals for making our buildings virtually carbon-neutral. So let’s take stock and see where we stand on the implementation of these goals.

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New online platform provides data on the electricity market

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has set up a platform entitled ‘open power system data’ which provides experts with easy access to amalgamated and aggregated data on the German and European electricity markets.

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Renewable energy

What is a ‘breathing cap’?

Put a cap on renewables funding and problem solved? Well, controlling the number of renewable energy installations in our country is not that simple. The level of funding that rooftop photovoltaics systems are to receive is determined by using a ‘breathing cap’. In the following, we’ll explain to you how this works.

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Special offer

Join in the energy transition: Special exhibition opens in Munich

The Deutsches Museum in Munich has launched a special exhibition that aims to get people interested in creating a sustainable energy supply. In a simulation game, visitors of the museum can manipulate the way the energy transition will develop. In 2018, the exhibition will commence a world tour.

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Dr Fritz Brickwedde, Executive Director of the German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE).

Quote of the week

‘Renewable energies are not only the better choice from an environmental point of view, they are also the better choice for the economy as they provide for long-term employment, innovation and because they benefit the regions.’

Dr Fritz Brickwedde, President of the German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE).

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