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Electricity market

What exactly is a 'prosumer'?

The more people generate their own electricity from renewables, the less the distinction between producers and users of electricity holds true. 'Prosumers' are becoming increasingly important to the success of the energy transition. But what exactly is a prosumer? And how does the energy transition benefit consumers?

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Renewable energy

Record figures for wind, solar and other renewables

At 32.6 per cent, the share of renewables in Germany's gross electricity consumption reached a new record last year. The figure for 2014 had been 27.4 per cent.

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Kaoru Kobayashi, mayor of Fukushima City, Japan

Quote of the week

"I hope that Germany will succeed in overcoming the numerous challenges of the energy transition and that it will be a pioneer of renewables leading the way globally, not least of all for ourselves."

Kaoru Kobayashi, mayor of Fukushima City, Japan

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  • “Industrialised nations must lead an exit strategy for fossil fuels”

    “Energy efficiency and renewables are indispensable weapons in the fight against climate change, but the real challenge is keeping fossil fuel reserves in the ground”, Rainer Baake, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, wrote in his latest article in the “Guardian”.

  • Key points tabled for green-electricity labelling

    Under this proposal, market players are to be allowed to use labelling for green electricity sold regionally and for which funding has been received. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has tabled a key-points paper on this issue.

  • Renewable Energy Agency publishes renewables-themed travel guide

    The Renewable Energy Agency has published a travel guide suggesting trips to sites where you can see the energy reforms in full swing, including a church with a roof-top PV installation, a centre for sustainable development near the Baltic Sea, and various wind and solar farms.

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